Our Story


After brewing in the shadows for years, we've finally come out into the light. 

And so it begins. The journey, the story, the brand. Inspired by the tales told with tattoos. 

ZAKK BLACK is an original brand. Never before has there been tattoo inspired designs on clothing to this level. This is what makes ZKBLK one of a kind & unique. The completely original artwork has been custom designed specifically for our apparel.

ZKBLK Apparel is made from heavyweight premium cotton fabrics. There can never be a substitute for quality. 

Not everyone can afford tattoos, nor can they all handle the pain associated with the tattoo gun. Our vision is to provide people with an alternative who love tattoos but can't get them for one reason or the other. 

Tattoos tell tales. Some tales are rooted in our individual cultures. By sharing our tales and cultures we promote a greater understanding of each other. This sharing & understanding is the epitome of the human connection. 

Zakk Black is more than a brand. It is a puzzle, hiding secrets in the designs and apparel, to inspire people to ponder, reflect and find the ultimate final piece to our life long common struggle as humans which is to find our place in this concrete jungle and to make sense of the forgotten. 
Zakk Black collections are Chapters which are linked and shows the growth, challenges, and answers.

Designed & Engineered in 3047. 

From The Bad Boy to the Bad Boys.